The fiber arts are more than simply a neutral medium because they are heavily intertwined with the history of sexuality and gender. For a contemporary artist to embrace and work with such history, they choose to engage with intent. They choose to create an intimate, vulnerable, and tactile experience through transformation. 
In a world where quantity is valued over quality and society takes more pride in commercial consumerism than in handmade goods, fiber artists resist. 

They express personal narratives through materiality that can allow itself to be fragile and delicate or jarring and loud, utilitarian or decorative. Thus the process, the final product, the concept and engagement with fibers becomes an act of resistance. 
The artist participates in the process of questioning, analyzing, and deconstructing assumptions and the hierarchies of values that have existed around gender, class, race, and ethnicity. 

Is there intentional resistance in the process or final aesthetic of your work? 

Prøve Gallery encourages artists working in flexible materials and fibers (i.e. textiles, beading, leather, etc) to submit work and answer the above question in their statement. 
Artists must submit a statement reflecting on the call for art. 

Deadline for submission is (Wednesday May 11th) (midnight, central time).
Please submit: Image(s) of Work, Didactics [titles, medium, size, & price (if for sale)] and artist statement in one PDF document. 
All artists will be notified upon acceptance with a deadline of May 17th, 2017.
Selected artwork is to be dropped off, emailed, or mailed in by Friday June 2nd, 7:00pm.
Work cannot exceed 10' x 8' x 8' (h x l x d).
All submission materials must be written in English.
All work is shown at the artist's own risk.

All work shipped to Prøve Gallery must be sent with return shipping or be picked up by the artist or an artist's representative.

Please email all submissions to with subject line: Artist Name_Fibers_Submission

About Prøve Gallery- 
Prøve Gallery is a contemporary and experimental art gallery located in downtown Duluth. We are a cultural organization dedicated to the role of art exhibition as a conduit of powerful ideas and diverse viewpoints.

Our mission is to foster a greater appreciation of the contemporary arts, to bridge cultures, create and expand community, and provide cultural exchange, networking opportunities and educational outreach through regular interaction with the contemporary arts.
It is the goal of Prøve Gallery to present monthly gallery shows, collaborate with like-minded artists and arts organizations, and provide an art retail environment.