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TYPES 2014

you and me, in between us our pencils,
black metal, we can hear it, in the seam
white shoes, montana marker sewing
that pane of glass, bending twigs, letters
and between the reading of them,
cursive and wood. wood and cursive.
take a bite.

An exploration of typography
and poetry at Prøve Gallery.

Featuring Visual Pleasures by:

Cody Paulson
Andrea Campos
Kelsey Malsom
Alexis LeBlanc
Stephen Pepperoni
Flo Matamoros
Tyler Johnson
Elliot McAllister

Featuring the words of:

Katelynn Monson
Josef Conaway
Esther Marcella
Paul Peterson

Performing Poetry with The Glacier Academy
Limited Pastries by Brandt

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Prøve Gallery is a contemporary and experimental art gallery located in downtown Duluth. We are a cultural organization dedicated to the role of art exhibition as a conduit of powerful ideas and diverse viewpoints. Our mission is to foster a greater appreciation of the contemporary arts, to bridge cultures, create and expand community, and provide cultural exchange, networking opportunities and educational outreach through regular interaction with the contemporary arts. It is the goal of PRØVE Gallery to present monthly gallery shows, collaborate with like-minded artists and arts organizations, and provide an arts retail environment.

General Information

Prøve Gallery hosts a new art opening on the second Friday of every month. The shows are up for two weeks with other events scheduled in between. Should you want to stop by some time other than the posted hours, give us a shout and we'll try to open up for you.


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