Plys With Purpose is Prøve Gallery’s third exhibition and silent auction of 30 crafted skateboard decks by local, national, and international artists all sharing one purpose, building skateboard parks in our communities.

Proceeds from the silent auction will be donated to the Gary New Duluth Development Alliance for their ongoing efforts to build a public, state-of-the-art skateboard park in Gary New Duluth. 

Designed by nationally recognized skate park designer, Mark Leski, aka “The Wizard”. The skateboard park will not only give the local youth a new facility, it will bring new businesses and prosperity to the Gary New Duluth community. For more information and donations to the GND progress, please visit

Plys With Purpose is now ons its third year and while the mission stays the same, artists change. We didn't expect our reach to make it beyond Duluth, but it has and we want to share some of these amazing people who are investing in our community.

Spanning three years and over 100 artists, we wanted to catch up with some new and returning artists. Read our interviews with contributing artists on our blog.


Plys With Purpose is made possible by: The Donors of Prøve Gallery, Generator Distribution, Damage Boardshop, Theories of Atlantis, HUF, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Bent Paddle Brewing Co., & the Gary New Duluth Development Alliance.