Bob Pokorney: 10 New Paintings showcases the artist’s characteristic Impressionist style, which begins en plein air. Pokorney’s work is inspired by “the dramatic contrasts of bright and dark spaces, of shadow and light.” The artist is drawn to the way that natural shadows from trees, bushes, and rock formations play across structured surfaces, like sports fields, roads, and buildings. Delving deep into these adumbral spaces with his painterly expressions of color, 10 New Paintings explores the artist’s desire to go “inside the shadows.”

Born in Duluth, Pokorney works for National Geographic. A man of adventure and an accomplished traveler, he has led student language programs in France and Morocco, guided cycling trips in Europe, taught high school and college French, and interpreted for sports events in France and the United States. Pokorney is also a sailboat charter captain, EMT, and lifeguard. He studied art at Colorado College and his works have been shown in Minnesota, New Mexico, and California. 

10 New Paintings is up through November 22nd. Our gallery hours* are Wednesday through Friday 4pm-7pm and Saturdays 12-4pm.

*We are an all volunteer 501(c)3 gallery. Everyone who volunteers here has more than one day job and/or school. We update our Facebook & Instagram when the hours will vary. Thank you for understanding.