The Things They Carried: Brian Ring & Flo Matamoros

  • Prove Gallery 21 North Lake Avenue Duluth, MN, 55802 United States

A contemporary expressionist conversation between Brian Ring & Flo Matamoros. The vibrant composition acts as a single piece where inner versus outer experiences of both Artist meet through paint and motion.

Through the use of past experiences and gutteral honesty, Ring & Matamoros use the walls, forgotten canvases full of burden, found paint & other materials to mute feelings of otherness. "Otherness" describing the daily battle of high- functioning depression. "Otherness" describing intoxicating passion. "Otherness" describing otherness. 

Please join, Prøve and friends to celebrate being honest, truthful and most importantly vulnerable. 

Seym0ur will be laying some tunes.

July 8